Guardian Angels Do Exist!

Just stumbled upon another avoidable pedestrian traffic mishap. Luckily, it appears that everyone is going to be okay, hopefully they were only just a bit shaken. There seems to be an endless amount of these videos turning up lately with the advent of dash-cams in more and more vehicles. This might be good for video based media sites, but when I see this happen to unsuspecting innocent children, I have to admit, it makes me cringe.

Is it still possible in this day and age, an apparent loving guardian might possibly be the cause of serious injury or even the death of a loved one? I can't totally fault the lady for walking into moving traffic, she did look down the street in the direction traffic would be approaching, but there is no excuse for not looking both ways before crossing the street. As I've said before, you have to take full responsibility for your personal safety, and are risking it if you think all drivers are paying attention to you.

Children are our greatest asset and we should do everything to protect and arm them with the knowledge they will need as they traverse the auto populated landscape. I am tired of preaching about these obvious dangers. You know what to do!