Coloring is the New Meditation

Just found some interesting articles about the psychological benefits of coloring and have decided to share one of them here. I am aware of the use of art in therapy, but never considered coloring a existing picture to be a form of mental relaxation. I know it is calming for children and helps develop their eye hand coordination, but being able to naturally quiet the mind of an adult is very comforting to know. I guess the act of choosing your color and putting it to paper reconnects you to some part of your childhood that we just don't access anymore because of the on the go demands of modern living. I have mentioned before that Roy and the Rhino was originally going to be published in full color just the same as any typical children's age book, but somewhere along the way that all changed thanks to my nephew Eric. I remember being over my Dad's one day while he was babysitting my 2 year old nephew and talking about how we were going to pull this project off financially.

While we were discussing or arguing this, my nephew was keeping himself busy pointing to and identifying all the different animals and vehicles he could recognize and pronounce, from the fairly detailed storyboard book art hanging on the wall in the studio.

I was kind of half paying attention to him and it dawned on me that Eric was able to recognize all the images simply as uncolored outlines. A light bulb went off, and I jokingly said we should publish this as a coloring book, because it was obvious a child didn't need the book to be in full blazing technicolor to understand what was happening.

Sometimes you should keep your ideas to yourself and maybe express them in a different way because once I mentioned the coloring book idea there was no other way for my Dad, we had many a heated discussion about this and in the end this idea prevailed. I'm actually very happy about this decision because as soon as this does publish in color it will give someone the option to purchase the version they prefer.

Wow! it's amazing... what can't this book do. I am thrilled to find out that coloring has benefits for people of all ages, as well as all the other life enhancing values mentioned in earlier posts.  Now if we could only get this thing selling.

Coloring is the New Meditation.