Writing Inspiration

I was recently asked about the inspiration for "Roy and the Rhino", and how to be inspired to write for yourself. I decided to turn this over to my Dad for a little Q & A. Q: What inspired you to write this story and where did the inspiration come from?

A: The inspiration for the story came from a picture my son had sketched of a man being chased by a rhino through the forest, and the expressed desire to create a children's book eventually. The idea for the story came to me the next day while driving past a large electric generating plant on the way to work.

Q: How do you think the idea for the story came about so quick?

A: I was recently reading "The Dilbert Future-Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century" by Scott Adams, and it was mentioned that the brain may be a sort of receiver for ideas much like an antenna pulls radio signals out of the air. If you get a chance you should read his book especially chapter 14 page 225, and maybe it will show you a different way to perceive reality and open your mind to the knowledge of the cosmos.

Wow! some pretty insightful thoughts to ponder. Well there you have, it seems that the image I drew sparked some sort of connection in his brain and the story was delivered fully formed. I clearly remember telling him about my idea to do a kids book one day when he was over visiting, and the next day him stopping by again to tell me he had a story figured out. In less than 24 hours we had a full story, characters, setting and all.