Self Publishing

I realized that I have yet to write on the topic of publishing, and after stumbling across a recent article about another big name publisher getting on board the self-publishing bandwagon, I decided now was as good a time as any to share some info, and tell our story.

I always envisioned Roy and the Rhino as a full color, hardcover book, published by one of the many 5th Avenue children's book publishing houses. Maybe I was a bit naive, or was possibly trying to feed my ego, thinking our book might be bought up by a big publisher, and sold to everyone that could read on the planet. To be fair that is how I thought the publishing world worked. I was going to submit a mock up (dummy) book, a couple tight renderings, and a manuscript to a bunch of publishers (or have an agent handle that, as I later learned), and try our luck that way. It was going to work, I just knew it.

Working with a partner has its share of ups and downs. Sharing the work load is a great benefit, and if you are doing something creative it is great to have some one to bounce ideas around with. Among the down sides of a partnership are the differing views that will likely arise, this project came with it's share of those. My Dad had a little experience in the pre-digital printing world, and always made a point to say, "One way or the other Roy and the Rhino will it make to print, even if that means hand printing and binding each book ourselves." I always cringed when he would get on this idea of mass producing a 40 page book by hand, but we were not even close to that stage of the game, so it really was just a way of staying optimistic.

I held on to the belief that we would go the traditional route and be published by the pros, but my Dad had it in his head to publish it on our own, and maintain control of the whole process. I honestly thought he was crazy, but just kind of played along while staying busy producing the art and story. I didn't realize how right this idea was until I started taking some art classes at night and decided to give a computer class a shot.

I have plenty more to share. See you next time.