Anatomy for the Artist

Hello, thought I would share what the staff at 4C's Studio consider to be, the best book on Anatomy and Figure Drawing we have yet to come across. "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" was written by Andrew Loomis, and initially published in 1943. After years of searching I finally have rediscovered this gem. When I decided to get more serious about art, the hunt was on for a agreeable book about rendering the figure. I've looked at, and bought a few over the years, but I could never find one that illustrated quite how to draw the basic stick figure/mannequin effectively. I had books that were either way to slick and stylized, or just showed life drawing approaches. I wanted a book that built the figure from the bottom up. My Dad had taught me a lot of drawing fundamentals since a early age, and would show me his approach to drawing the figure from imagination, starting with a skeletal frame (the hips and rib cage were crucial), then adding muscle etc... He said he had drawn the studies from a book loaned from the library in the 1970's, and it showed him the way. Of course he returned it, forgot to write the title down, and had been wracking his brain about this elusive mystery ever since. "I think it was yellow, and had a woman on the cover" he would try to recall,"Come on Dad, give me a little more to go on!", I would always insist, but nothing more was remembered. The investigation was on, I would always bring any newly discovered book to him for inspection, and hope for a "You've finally found it" response, but it never came. He went back to the library and combed, but never turned up anything. It was almost as if this book had disappeared from the face of the Earth, or had never existed at all, I often thought. Fast forward, one day while browsing some random art blogs, I come across this book that was being touted as an artist's must have. I started looking at the posted images, and instantly recognized this guys stick figures, Loomis...could it be?. I had been looking at this exact approach to figure drawing for quite awhile, as interpreted by my Dad, and was sure I had uncovered this elusive gem. I jumped on Amazon, did a search, and bought the book. The book arrived a few days later, I showed it to my Dad, and finally heard "That's it!". Case solved.

This book gets my highest recommendation, and has been mentioned by many talented artist's through the years. It is definitely a worthwhile investment, for beginners and pros alike. Loomis really breaks down the process of figure drawing in a way that is very approachable for all; he is an exceptional artist and an effective writer, he really knows how to get information across. Look for it, you will not be disappointed. Talk to you soon!