Clovis Point

Just came across an article about the recent discovery of stone spear points belonging to a culture believed to be older than the prehistoric Clovis culture of North America. These narrow-stemmed points are different than the graceful fluted Clovis points, and were shaped by different flaking techniques. The recent discoveries were uncovered from the Paisley Caves located on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range in Paisley, Oregon. The points are carbon dated to 13,000 B.C. making them the oldest known human by-product in the Americas. These finds are important because it means there were         two cultures with distinct technologies (not one as previously thought) that shared the continent around the same time period.

In the fantasy part of Roy and the Rhino, I decided to place the action in a Stone Age location equal parts Asia and Americas. Our friend Leroy is a hunter and an obviously talented artisan-tool maker (not everyone has the skills to craft a spear point from rock).  On this fateful day our friend almost ends up going to the big hunting grounds in the sky, whilst caught not paying attention, strolling through the forest. Curious about how this unfolds? Stick around, I'm sure that eventually we will give up the entire story right here on this site, unless of course you can't wait and want to find things out for yourself, than I would run out to your nearest big name-online-book retailers, that is named after one of the largest rivers in the world, and order yourself a copy. Talk with you soon.