Printmaking Process 6

Hi, I know its been awhile, so I decided to continue with the Printmaking Process used for the cover of Roy and the Rhino. I was about to remove the rhinos ear in the previous post, and that's where I will pickup from. After removing the rhinos ear with the scraper and burnisher tools (what a process the whole time I worked on this plate I thought there has to be an easier method for correcting mistakes)  anyway after removing the ear I re-etched it and pulled another proof. I was satisfied with the results, the ear now looked like it belonged on a rhino not a rabbit. I just went through and reinforced some of the line work on this next proof and decided it was time to add a background to the image before I started a final fine tuning.

I had envisioned a background sky at dusk so the sky would have had a gradual gradation from dark at top to a bright sunset on the horizon. I was going to use an Aquatint to achieve this. Before I started I decided to try a test and see what a color background would look like. I took a couple of pieces of printmaking paper, made a paper mask, and airbrushed a back and foreground in. I was then going to print on top of this and get a rough idea of how a sky would look. I was so used to working in reverse that I made my mask backwards and didn't realize this until I was in the studio ready to print.

I have always been curious about how this would have turned out, and until now never thought to take a look. I opened the image in Photoshop flipped it horizontally and placed it on top of the image I was working on at that time. It would have been a lot easier to do this from the start, wish I would have thought of this earlier.

That's all for this week... back with more info shortly. One more thing before I signoff, we are strong supporters of pro ecology issues here at 4C's Studio and were just made aware of a recent issue Natural Resources Defense Council alerted us about. Some foreign owned mining companies want to dig one of the world's largest open-pit mines in the heart of the watershed that feeds Bristol Bay, Alaska. The world's largest sockeye salmon streams run through here and the effects of this mining could have devastating effects on the entire ecosystem of this area. They are going to mine for gold and copper, I mean seriously how much more damage are we going to do to this planet before we reach a tipping point and cannot undo all the damage we have done. Some people would have you believe that we can do whatever we want to the earth because God will put a band aid on it and make it all better, that is like comparing us to little babies, let's grow up and take some responsibility for this gift that was given to us. Anyway take a look at their site and help spread the message about these urgent problems. Thanks for looking.