Drawing Pictures

Hello again! Let's get back to where we left off. Because I created all of my art at 18"x 24" dimensions it was easier for me to do a full illustration in parts, basically a piece would be worked up in quarter page sections so I could keep everything in check. Once I had the whole picture roughed out I would work up the details a bit at a time.

Once I had all the elements of my picture in place I transferred everything onto my final paper and worked the whole picture up in pencil. Making pictures up out of your head can be quite a challenge especially if everything is based on our reality. This landscape doesn't exist as far as I know, so it was up to me to make it as plausible as I could without any photo references to work from, until...

I decided to build a model of the landscape so I could get a better idea on the placement of shadows etc... This picture takes place at sunrise and I was not sure how this would effect the position of the tree shadows and Leroy's silhouette. I constructed this set out of cardboard tubes and brown butcher paper, I placed a light at the horizon line about 12' away (the max distance I could get in that room) and took a few photos. I am really not set up for any kind of good photography, but this image was a enough to get me by.

Before I started any final inking I did a bunch of studies to get my confidence up and to solve any problem areas beforehand, and once satisfied I worked up the finished piece. I hope these " making of " posts are of some value to anyone considering an artistic endeavor of their own. This project was quite intimidating because I am pretty much a self taught artist, and being self taught usually equals making a lot of mistakes. I always learned something from the mistakes, but would have welcomed any information about the picture making process I could have been taught. See you next time.