Sketchbook Artist!

Hey There...Back again with some more information about the creative process involved in our book. I am going to take a look at the first interior spread, leading the reader into the fantasy land of Roy and the rhino.

Before any of our pictures reached their final states, quite a bit of preliminary work went into each drawing. I have to admit that I often procrastinated knowing the amount of effort that would be involved in each image, and found that just sketching randomly was a way for me to avoid the task at hand, it was actually a good way to waste time.

This picture started life as a flash of an idea much like every picture in our book . The above rough was made by my Dad. As you can see the basic elements are present (A path, bird, foliage, Leroy) but the picture needed some major fleshing out. I have mentioned previously that we intended to do the book in full color (more on that in a future post), so I started to mess around with some color ideas just to get the juices flowing.

These pictures were all done as studies to establish mood etc... I have a bunch of this kind of stuff which I am just starting to re-discover. I also have pages filled with sketches and doodles of flora and fauna, which without realizing at the time, is the way most artists work. Duh!!!

I have recently started reading and buying any books I find about Disney, Pixar or other animation studios, particularly anything by John Canemaker, regarding their way of creating stories, characters, backgrounds, etc. Although they are involved in a bigger production involving many people, and much, much more conceptual art, the same amount of work (relatively speaking) is involved in the creation of a book full of text and images. I know better, but often see good art and forget that a lot of labor is done upfront before the final piece is complete, so I am always fascinated and stimulated when I get a chance to see books devoted to the working processes of these artists. I hope these pages inspire you. See you soon!