Coloring tips page 2 continued

Hello!!! Back again with some more coloring tips and exciting information. Let's go...The firehouse was photographed on the eastside of town and is a sandstone structure with a brick second story, it can be colored to match the original or left entirely up to your imagination.

The car in the foreground is a 1936 Desoto Airflow Series S-2. I took some artistic license and added a Buggati inspired rhino hood ornament.

Because our book is a traffic safety lesson everyone can learn from, we included a bunch of different public safety and transportation vehicles. The Desoto became a police car. If you notice in our picture a siren and searchlight were added, as well as a black and white paint scheme. The car door was purposely left blank as well as the license plate to allow you to customize those to your liking. You could look up an emblem and plate color to match the community and state you would like to represent.

The Fire Truck ( Engine No. 1 Hampstead MD.) is a 1936 American La France Protector (600 gpm). The photo was reversed to fit our picture. It's hard to tell the color of truck from this B&W image, so I went with a red and gold pinstripe theme. Color or not whatever you want, just enjoy!

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