Printmaking Process 5

Some more info for you about the printmaking process. This is proof #12. I was starting to warm up to the picture by this point, but something about the ear of the rhino and the emptiness of the background was starting to bug me.

I was playing around with these Riffler Rasps I have and started to work directly on the plate just experimenting with some background textures.

I should have known better than to do this because I wasn't happy with the results, and it was taking quite a bit of work to scrape and burnish out anything I did not like.

I added the cast shadows from the birds to the rhinos back, and worked more detail into the rhinos front and back legs. I also started undoing some of the shadow Leroy was casting and started to detail him up a little bit more.

The rhinos ear was wrong and I knew it but I was trying to put the hard work off.

I took the ear out (what a process). The background came out also but I didn't put as much time in. I started thinking about the removal process and was convinced that there was an easier way to do it than what I had read or been taught. Plenty more info next week. On an unrelated note, I have been working downtown the past few weeks and discovered a great little restaurant located in The Arcade. The restaurant is named Zen Cuisine and I have to say it is really good. They serve Asian fusion food that is always fresh, hot, tasty, and inexpensive plus the owner is super pleasant, check it out if you are downtown for lunch. See you soon!