Printmaking Process 4

Back again with some more information on the printmaking process. After the seventh proof I started to work up some of the shadows and highlights on an overlay of tracing paper, it was a good way for me to detail up certain areas before I worked directly on the plate. I drew up a little key so I knew what method to work in (white=burnish, blue=roulette wheel, pencil=soft ground, etc...).

This is proof number ten. I slowly worked up the form of the legs, body, and head on the rhino, I didn't want to put too much detail in all at once because it is a time consuming process to remove any heavy handed work. I also started to play with the title placement and font type.

By proof number 11 things were starting to take shape, but a bunch of work still lay ahead. I will have more for you next week, and finally I would like to announce that Roy and the rhino is now available at The Learned Owl Book Shop in downtown Hudson, Ohio. Thanks for looking!