Printmaking Process 3

This is not the first print (proof) I pulled but the second, I can't find the first. As you can see there was already a bit of trial and error happening. The first proof I pulled was strictly a straight line etch. I wasn't happy with the rhinos belly or ear, so I scraped and burnished those areas out and added some texture to the legs using a Soft Ground Etch. The third proof I pulled yielded some unexpected results. I added texture to the head and back, obviously way too much. At this state the rhino was looking pretty scary. I had to burnish all the areas down that were too intense. It was hard to tell where this picture was headed at this point.

This is the fifth proof I pulled. I added the belly, smoothed out the head and leg textures, and etched Leroy. The picture was starting to take shape but I still had a lot of work to do. I have a bunch more to show you next week.

This past weekend I went to 78th Street Studios for their Third Fridays monthly open gallery event. I had a good time, saw some neat art, and met William Scheele who runs Kokoon Arts Gallery. William has some really good animal/nature themed pieces on exhibit if you get a chance to stop by you definitely should. As it turns out his father William E. Scheele was a local artist who was The Director of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, an author/illustrator of numerous books on wildlife, an early spokesman on ecological issues, and Executive Director of the World Wildlife Fund. There are quite a few of his works on exhibit as well as some cool dinosaur bronzes etc... Oh and did I mention that William represents some of the art of Charles R. Knight one of the great early artists of dinosaur and prehistoric life, what are the chances I would meet someone local who has a connection to this !!!

I finally wanted to show a picture of one of our junior artists hard at work in the studio.

That's my niece Lily (5) showing us how well she can draw a rhino, I better start looking for work elsewhere. See you next week.